Photo trip: Spitsbergen in blue light

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  • Date: 24.09.2024, 02:00pm until 02.10.2024, 12:00pm (8 nights)
  • Start harbour and port of destination: Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen
  • Price: From 3.100€ per person (Standard cabin) / 3.550€ per person (Comfort cabin) 
  • Sailing trip with multiple landings ashore a day and two nature tour guides, as well as an expert in nature photography.

A sailing trip to Spitsbergen in September is a unique adventure that differs in many ways from the typical summer expeditions. The month of September breathes a very special life into the Arctic landscape that captivates photographers and nature lovers alike. The characteristic feature of this time is undoubtedly the deep blue light that bathes the surroundings in an almost magical glow. The days become shorter, the nights longer and the sun paints soft, bluish shadows over the icy waters and snow-covered peaks. This special atmosphere lends the landscape a surreal quality that makes photography a real pleasure. The gentle reflection of the light on the icebergs and glaciers creates contrasts and colours that can only be found in this intensity in September.

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The light is not the only reason to visit Spitsbergen in September. The wildlife is in full activity. Polar bears in search of food are spotted along the coasts. The opportunity to observe and photograph these majestic predators in their natural environment is a unique experience. Walruses, seals and numerous bird species are also active at this time of year and offer photographers a wealth of motifs. 

The relative peace and quiet and fewer tourist crowds in September offer the opportunity to enjoy the unspoilt nature of Spitsbergen in its purest form. You can explore the breathtaking landscapes in peace and quiet, without being disturbed. This allows for a deeper connection with nature and a more intense experience of the Arctic wilderness. The explorations are led by our experienced guides. They know all about nature and life in the arctic.

A sailing trip in Spitsbergen in September is undoubtedly an exciting challenge. However, with our experienced crew and the tried and tested Antigua, which has already mastered numerous expeditions in the Arctic, it will be an unforgettable experience. Experiencing the Arctic wilderness in all its splendour and magic and capturing the beauty of nature in this unique environment is an offer impossible to refuse. 

Bring your camera, as we have an expert nature photographer on board who is happy to share tips and tricks. This trip is suitable for photography experts, beginners and non-photography enthusiasts alike and is extremely fascinating. From majestic glaciers to impressive animal encounters, Spitsbergen offers a wealth of photo opportunities.

Note: Wind and weather can significantly affect the trip. If necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, changes may be made to the route.



Included in the travel price:

  • Accommodation in twin cabins with shower and toilet
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Complete catering on board
  • Harbour dues & diesel costs

Extra costs:

  • Transfer costs (such as flights & taxi)
  • Drinks except coffee, tea and bottled water
  • Travel insurance

Other Information:

  • Do not forget your passport or identity card 
  • All expenses on board can be settled at the end of the trip, unfortunately card payment is not possible

Luggage list

You should consider the "onion-skin principle".This means that you wear layers of clothing that you can put on or take off as required (We recommend woollen clothing.) On board and when going ashore, it is best to wear casual clothing. It is important to choose windproof and waterproof clothing to keep you dry and warm and to protect you from rain and splashing water in heavy seas. Weatherproof shoes are essential, and comfortable shoes with non-slip soles, such as trainers or all-terrain boots (hiking boots), are recommended for standing safely on deck and, if you wish, for finding your footing in the rigging. Waterproof boots are necessary to going ashore. Remember to bring several layers of clothing so that you can adapt to the changing weather. This includes a second set of rain or foul weather clothing. Don't forget to pack socks, warm underwear and sleeping clothes.


Good to know: We have two types of cabins on the Antigua: the standard cabins with bunk beds, shower and toilet and the spacious comfort cabins with separate single beds, shower and toilet. There are therefore two different cabin prices on the Antigua. Would you like to travel alone and not share a cabin?Then you can book a single supplement, which corresponds to the normal cruise price + 50%.

TIP: Please allow sufficient time for your journey and consider booking an overnight stay in Spitsbergen.

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