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What do I need to consider before traveling?

Luggage: Use flexible, tear-resistant travel bags instead of bulky suitcases. Tip! Luggage tags: Attach clearly legible luggage tags with your name, destination and, optionally, boat name and telephone number. 

Travel documents: Always carry a valid passport (if required in the destination country) or identity card.

Contact information: Enter e-mail and telephone number for emergencies when booking.

Means of payment: Take cash with you, as credit cards and EC cards cannot be accepted on board.

Clothing: Wear casual clothing, windproof and waterproof clothing and weatherproof footwear are necessary. Comfortable shoes with non-slip soles are important.

Weather conditions: Pack extra clothing for different weather conditions.

Glasses/contact lens wearers: Take spare glasses/contact lenses with you. Tip. Glasses strap: Prevents loss of glasses.

Photo equipment: Pack memory cards, data cable for transfer.

First-aid kit: Don't forget your personal medication and care products.

Electricity: 220 Volt/50 Hertz electricity on board, European standard.

Berths/cabin: Bed linen and towels available. Earplugs useful for light sleepers.

Medical care: For chronic illnesses, take sufficient medication with you for the journey.

Seasickness: We always say it is important to eat healthily and drink normally Tip: A home remedy is ginger and rusks!  We always have this on the ships. 

Do you have any more questions?  We are always happy to help.

Frequently asked questions:

I have no sailing experience. Is a sailing trip right for me?
A sailing trip is an unforgettable adventure. Enjoy freedom and nature in wonderful and comfortable surroundings. If you are interested, you can learn a lot about sailing. The crew will be happy to explain everything to you. Do you dare to take on this challenge? Then we invite you to join us on board.

Seasick - what now?
Seasickness is annoying, but not an insurmountable problem. If you suffer from it, we have a few tips for you: Stay up on deck in the middle of the ship - the movements of the sea are least noticeable there. Look in the direction of travel and use the horizon as a point of reference. The best recipe from our experienced crew is: eat regularly, have a rusk and ginger in between and get enough sleep. Your family doctor or pharmacy will be able to provide you with information on medicines to combat seasickness.

Can I book for just one person?
This is definitely possible. A travelling party consists of a maximum of 36 guests. This means that you will quickly make contact with your fellow travellers. You don't have to feel alone - unless you are looking for seclusion.

Is the ship safe?
The ship is specially equipped for travelling worldwide. The Dutch Maritime Administration checks the safety equipment (life-saving appliances, fire protection, etc.) and the seaworthiness of the ship every year. Our ships sail in accordance with International Safety Management to monitor the procedures on board.

Do I have to help out on the ship?
Any work you wish to do on board is entirely voluntary. The crew will of course be delighted if you want to help out and share their passion for sailing. But your only obligation on board is To enjoy your holiday!

How are the cabins equipped?
On our ships you can enjoy a comfortable cabin with shower and toilet. The cabins are cosily furnished and offer storage space. The beds are made up when you arrive. The cabins are also equipped with central heating. A 220-volt power supply is available everywhere on board.

I am an (experienced) sailor. Is a sailing trip right for me?
You will gain an incredible amount of experience on our impressive three-master. Feeling the wind in more than 1,000 m2 of sail area... every sailor is sure to enjoy it.
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