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  • Date: 29.10.2024, 07:00pm until 04.11.2024, 09:00am (6 nights)
  • Start harbour and Port of destination: Tromsø, Norway
  • Price: from 1.780€ per person (Standard cabin) / 1.980€ per person (Comfort cabin)
  • Sailing trip with nature tour guide

Nature lovers can indulge themselves in the rugged landscape of northern Norway. The Antigua expedition ship takes you to places you would not normally go. In the course of this journey you will see amazing panoramas and unique natural phenomena.
In winter, another dimension is added to the extraordinary and impressive natural area far above the Arctic Circle: the Northern Lights, one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena in the world. Aurora Borealis, as the Northern Lights is also known, is unique and can be seen in a wide variety of colours. Green, purple, blue, these famous lights will live up to your expectations. The Barquentine Antigua visits places and harbours with low light pollution (light smog), so that you have the best opportunities to enjoy the Northern Lights in all their splendour.
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Another phenomenon in the Norwegian winter is the frequent sightings of whales. Nowhere else in the world are such large schools of whales to be seen as in northern Norway. In search of food, they hunt in the Norwegian fjords. With the Antigua, we navigate to places where we will view these magnificent and largest mammals in an animal-friendly and original way.

The magical Northern Lights and whale sightings are at the centre of this winter voyage. The itinerary is essentially determined by the light and weather conditions. The captain determines the route based on weather forecasts and whale occurrences in order to achieve the best result. In combination with the unspoilt nature of the Arctic Ocean, this guarantees an unforgettable winter experience!

Your journey starts in Tromsø. Culture meets nature in this modern Arctic city. In winter, Tromsø is literally a beacon of light during the dark times. In this city you can enjoy the Norwegian warmth, relaxation and cosiness to the full, even during the short days or the polar night. Tromsø is called the Paris of the North!

From 7 pm. you can embark on board the Antigua in Tromsø. On board you will meet your travelling companions and the ship's crew and your cabin on board will be ready for your visit. Depending on the weather conditions, the Antigua will set sail that evening or set off on its Norwegian adventure the following morning.   

The days from 30 October to 3 November 2024 are dedicated to whale watching and finding beautiful places in the evening to admire the Northern Lights. This takes place in a breathtaking panorama full of tranquillity and ambience. The twilight period magically reveals the secret beauty of the polar region, and the small fishing or reindeer hunting villages on our voyage will impress you, after the Antigua docks there is enough time to enjoy an evening walk. During the walks you will be amazed by the unspoilt nature of the area.

If possible, the captain sets the sails of the imposing three-master and utilises the power of the wind. The silence and timelessness of the Arctic Ocean, the imposing fjords and the majestic mountains are united as the Antigua glides silently through the water.
On Sunday we set course for our final destination Tromsø. We will arrive there in the evening. A warm and cosy beacon in the dark north. After breakfast, you can say goodbye to your travel group and the crew of the Antigua. Disembarkation takes place at 9.00 am in Tromsø. The airport can be reached in 20 minutes by taxi.

Possible harbours and anchorages: Andfjord, Senja, Andenes, Gryllefjord, Skrolsvik, Sommaroy, Burfjord, Hamnes, Uloya, Nord-Lenangen
Note: Wind and weather can have a significant impact on the trip. If necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, changes may be made to the route.



Included in the travel price:

  • Accommodation in twin cabins with shower and toilet
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Complete catering on board
  • Harbour dues & diesel costs

Extra costs:

  • Transfer costs (such as flights & taxi)
  • Drinks except coffee, tea and bottled water
  • Travel insurance

Other Information:

  • Do not forget your passport or identity card 
  • All expenses on board can be settled at the end of the trip, unfortunately card payment is not possible
  • Do not travel with a hard suitcase, a good travel bag is better to stow away.

Luggage list

You should consider the "onion-skin principle".This means that you wear layers of clothing that you can put on or take off as required (We recommend woollen clothing.) On board and when going ashore, it is best to wear casual clothing. It is important to choose windproof and waterproof clothing to keep you dry and warm and to protect you from rain and splashing water in heavy seas. Weatherproof shoes are essential, and comfortable shoes with non-slip soles, such as trainers or all-terrain boots (hiking boots), are recommended for standing safely on deck and, if you wish, for finding your footing in the rigging. Waterproof boots are necessary to going ashore. Remember to bring several layers of clothing so that you can adapt to the changing weather. This includes a second set of rain or foul weather clothing. Don't forget to pack socks, warm underwear and sleeping clothes.


Good to know: We have two types of cabins on the Antigua: the standard cabins with bunk beds, shower and toilet and the spacious comfort cabins with separate single beds, shower and toilet. There are therefore two different cabin prices on the Antigua. Would you like to travel alone and not share a cabin? Then you can book a single supplement, which corresponds to the normal cruise price + 50%.

TIP: If you have time, it's definitely worth exploring Tromsø further. In this modest little town you will find various attractions such as an aquarium, museums and the world's northernmost botanical garden. For lovers of outdoor activities, there is also a wide range of offers. The city centre of Tromsø is only a stone's throw away from the beautiful unspoilt nature, which offers a perfect panorama for hiking. During the winter months, dog sledding excursions are also offered.

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