Milemaker - Ullapool to Rostock

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  • Date: 01.08.2024, 02:00pm until 07.08.2024, 04:00pm (6 nights)
  • Start harbour: Ullapool, Scotland/ Port of destination: Rostock, Germany
  • Price: 750€ per person
  • Milemaker: Crossing from Ullapool to Rostock 

This voyage promises not only many nautical miles, but also an intense and unforgettable sailing experience off the beaten track. Join us on this journey as we set sail and enjoy the freedom of the sea.
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A voyage from Ullapool to Rostock on the Artemis promises an unforgettable sailing experience far from the usual harbours. Travelling many nautical miles, you will discover the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the rich maritime heritage of this region.

The Artemis, an impressive sailing ship, offers you the opportunity to actively participate in sailing or simply enjoy the peace and freedom of the North Sea. After crossing from Scotland to Scandinavia, you will be immersed in picturesque villages and beautiful, rugged landscapes as you sail through the Skagerrak.

This voyage allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sea and nature to the full, far from busy harbours and tourist routes. It is an opportunity to surrender to the rhythm of the waves, feel the wind in the sails and immerse yourself in the world of traditional sailing. An adventure that will delight both experienced sailors and newcomers alike.

Note: If wind and weather permit, there will be a stopover in Copenhagen. If necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, further changes can be made to the route.



Included in the travel price:

  • Accommodation in twin cabins with shower and toilet
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Complete catering on board
  • Harbour dues & diesel costs

Extra costs:

  • Transfer costs (such as flights & taxi)
  • Drinks except coffee, tea and bottled water
  • Travel insurance

Other Information:

  • Do not forget your passport or identity card 
  • All expenses on board can be settled at the end of the trip, unfortunately card payment is not possible

Luggage list

  1. It is advised to travel with a travel bag instead of a hard suitcase, since it is better to stow.
  2. A passport, if you need it for the planned trip. Otherwise an identity card is sufficient. (Inform yourself in advance)
  3. Oilskins are not necessary, but a good rainproof jacket, rain trousers and sturdy shoes are always good. Be it for hiking, cycling or helping on deck.
  4. Don't forget sunglasses, a sun hat or cap and sun cream, even when the sun is not visible you can get quite burnt.
  5. A good book for a bit of solitude or a good parlour game to play together with your fellow sailors.
  6. A camera! So that you can capture your memories and share them with those at home.
  7. Cash, because here you can only pay your drinks bill in cash. But also think about the currency of the country you are travelling to so you can buy a souvenir. 


Good to know: Would you like to travel alone and not share a cabin? Then you can book a single traveller supplement, which corresponds to the normal travel price + 50%.

TIP: This is a crossing, which means that we have to bring the boat back to another starting point. If the wind is not in our favour, we will use the engine. If you prefer a sailing trip where you are guided more by the wind, you can find a more suitable trip in our travel program.

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