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Dear Sailing  Friends,

Sparkling with energy, that’s how the Tallship Company started the sailing season in March of this year. A promising season with beautifully varied sailing areas, energetic and enthusiastic crew and no less than eight international events on the program! How differently turned things out: our ships have been moored for a pretty long time in the ports of Harlingen and Franeker.

Still we don’t give up! Over the years, Tallship Company has built enough reserves and flexibility to deal with this crisis. Moreover, we feel tremendously supported by you as loyal sailing friends in this hard time. Encouraging emails and phone calls, accepting vouchers: it means a lot to all of us!

With this newsletter we would like to inform you about the latest state of affairs. And show you what options we offer for new sailing trips and the use of your possible voucher.


Light is slowly coming to the end of the tunnel! First clipper Elizabeth let loose the lines when starting her sailing season on the Dutch waters on June 21st  . The Artemis and Atlantis have to wait a little longer, but on July 24th  they will sail the first trips with guests from Kiel. Provisional start date for the Antigua season is August 20th  from Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen.


A safe and responsible holiday. That is important to you and to us! Fortunately, these things go well together on our ships. All cabins have good ventilation systems and their own sanitary facilities. The overnight capacity of our ships is considerably lower than the number of persons allowed on board. This means that there is enough space in the saloon as well as on deck, to keep the desired distance. It is therefore not necessary to wear a mouth mask on board.

Of course there are additional actions from our side: even more than usual, we will pay attention to hygiene on board. We facilitate the washing of hands on board. And important: guests are asked in advance about any health complaints. If you have any: please don't come on board!

Guests receive information about our coronaprotocol at the same time as their boarding pass.


Good news for you: it is temporarily not necessary to make a deposit when booking a trip for 2020. Normally you pay 40% of the travel sum as a deposit on your trip. That is not necessary now. We ask you to transfer the entire travel sum to us 4 weeks before the start of your trip. If a trip is cancelled by us due to corona measures, you won’t have financial consequences.


Waterland Netherlands with clipper Elizabeth
Are you looking for fresh air, rest and space? You will find that on clipper Elizabeth! The ship is ideal for this time, in which it is important to be able to keep sufficient distance. The spacious cabins are each equipped with their own shower and toilet. Both in the saloon and on deck there is more than enough space for the maximum of 20 guests who can sail on our trips.

During a holiday trip with clipper Elizabeth you will discover the best of the beautiful water-rich Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland. From the water you can enjoy flat polder landscapes, historic windmills, UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, hidden villages on the edges of the Frisian lakes and the many picturesque harbour towns along the coast of the IJsselmeer. A very varied and extremely unique journey!

Enjoy a long weekend on the Baltic Sea with barquentine Atlantis
Let go and look ahead: this is possible on this long weekend on the Baltic Sea with barquentine Atlantis. On this trip you can fully enjoy the fresh and healthy sea air. The ship will sail a beautiful route from Rostock to Kiel and visits some North German port cities along the way.

Active relaxation on the Baltic Sea with the Artemis barque
In fair winds and following seas it's good sailing! That's why the route is the destination on the Baltic Sea trips from the Tallship Company. The wind takes you on a beautiful sailing trip through the popular Baltic Sea!

The Baltic Sea enchants its visitors with fascinating natural spectacles and romantic sunsets. The destinations to visit during an excursion in the area are varied, so everyone will find something that will enchant them. From sandy beaches and cliffs, to islands and bays, to picturesque harbors, the Baltic Sea has plenty in store.

Sail & Bike XL (2) with barquentine Atlantis
"Our South Seas" is what the Danes lovingly call the enchanting mixture of endless sandy beaches, sparkling white chalk cliffs, countless islands and small harbors with colorful houses. You will be able to discover this beautiful world in an amazing manner, using sailing boat and bike. The attractive combination of sailing on a Tallship with bicycle tours in port is a completely different way of getting to know the Danish South Seas.

Around Skagen with barquentine Atlantis
Follow in the footsteps of the ancient seafarers and sail around Skagen. Before the construction of the North-East Canal, this was the only route to sail from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. We will now sail this old sea route to get from Kiel to Bremerhaven.

Would you like another trip in July with the Artemis? We would love to hear it!
Our crew is eager to sail again. That is why we would like to offer an extra trip in the Baltic Sea. This trip would then take place from July 18th  (4 pm) to July 23rd  (12 pm) and has the departure and arrival port of Kiel-Holtenau. Price for this trip is € 720. If you are interested in this trip, please send us an email. With sufficient participation, we will take the trip in our travel program.

Places left
Due to cancellations, some free places have become available here and there on our existing trips. Check our website or contact our office by email or phone to inquire about current availability.


The magical Northern Lights, slow-swimming groups of whales and orcas, the  large groups of whales and the exceptionally beautiful nature reserve far above the Arctic Circle: All of these ingredients are part of Tallship Company's popular winter program with the Antigua. We launched a winter website to show you the possibilities of a winter journey with Tallship Company. Please take a look at: You may find the journey of your dreams here!


Countless beautiful moments and special events lie in the future. We look forward to this future together with you! That is why we want to put our 2021 travel program online earlier than usual. The first trips are already known. These trips will also be posted online on our website during next week.

Sail & Bike XL Atlantis 27 June - 6 July 2021
Milemaker Kiel - Cascais Atlantis 6 - 19 July 2021
Milemaker Cascais - Porto St. Stefano Atlantis 19 - 30 July 2021
Mediterranean Sea 1 (Porto St. Stefano) Atlantis 31 July - 7 August 2021
Mediterranean Sea 1 (Porto St. Stefano) Atlantis 7 - 14 August 2021
Spitsbergen Antigua 12 - 20 May 2021
Photo tour Spitsbergen Antigua  23 September - 01 October 2021

Miles tour Kiel - Cascais 

Miles tour Cascais - Porto St. Stefano 

) J

Mediterranean Sea 1 (Porto St. Stefano) 


Photo tour Spitsbergen Antigua 


The Antigua sailed last week at the IJsselmeer, a sailing area where the imposing sea-sailing ship usually does not sail. But now we had a very good reason! Together with nearly 200 other Dutch historic sailing ships, the Antigua anchored at Fort Island Pampus near Amsterdam. This action to show support for the many small Dutch sailing ships that are in danger of sinking into the corona crisis. With this action we also want to draw attention from the Dutch government for this special fleet. You too can contribute to the preservation of the Dutch fleet. Sign the petition:



Dear sailing friends,

We have a new year ahead of us! 2019 was a year of many changes for the Tallship Company. Change offers new opportunities and we hope that we can use these opportunities in 2020: new travel areas, good communication and crazy events. We’re looking forward to you!

In this newsletter you’ll read about:

- Discover special travel areas with a special offer
- Pristine winter beauty in the far north
- Less emissions for Artemis
- New booking system, "new" bank number
- 2020: a year full of events
- Attention on the brochure 2020


This year we offer a number of trips that are less well known. Some cabins on these trips are still available. The trips listed below can be booked for you as newsletter reader with a 5% discount. Enter the discount code NEWSLETTER in our booking module or send it by email with your request for a booking. You will immediately receive a 5% discount.

May day cruise to Helgoland with the Atlantis
Do you have a few days off with “Labor Day”? Get on board the Atlantis and spend a wonderful long weekend on this beautiful ship! A weekend at Helgoland gives you the feeling of being on vacation for a week.

The island Helgoland in the North Sea is special in several ways: unique rock formations, cliffs and dunes are home to an impressive bird colony. You can watch them from the North Sea side while underway with the Atlantis. An excursion to the island of Düne is also planned. The sand dune there is famous for the many gray seals. For more information about this trip, please click here

Scotland: hiking and whisky with the Atlantis
Towering mountains, shimmering holes, dense forests and miles of golden beaches - the landscape in Scotland is always breath taking. Drive through the deep fjords of Scotland surrounded by mountains. A country full of history and the origin of the world famous single malt whiskys. This trip is suitable for both nature lovers and whiskey lovers! Click here for more information.

Water paradise Holland with the Elizabeth
Our ships sail through European waters, from the far north to the deep south of Europe. However, we cannot overlook the fact that our homeland has so much to offer. Especially when you will discover the Netherlands from the water. The rich history of Dutch trade and the geological development of a country in the delta of many rivers becomes visible on this trip with our historic clipper Elizabeth. For more information about the trip to picturesque harbour towns on the IJsselmeer and the World Heritage Wadden Sea, please click here.

NEW: Milemaker Harlingen - Bodø
This beautiful and popular milemaker is available again for 2020! For those who really love adventure and sailing, this trip is an absolute must. Experience 11 nights on board the Antigua and feel like a real sea beggar! Curious? Please click here!


After a year of preparations, we sailed our first Northern Lights & Whales trips from Tromsø in Norway last November and December. The trips were all booked out and expectations were high. We are very happy to say that the trips went exceptionally well. Our guests enjoyed large groups of whales, the magical Northern Lights - in different strengths - colourful skies, dense snow showers, small islands with warm receptions, special encounters with locals and spectacular sailing moments. Reason enough to offer another winter program for next year!

In the coming months we will work on expanding our website to provide guests relevant information for the trips to the far north. At this moment you can find the complete program on our website. Please click here for our winter program.


The engine of the Artemis was replaced on November 21, 2019 in Harlingen. The old engine was not broken or depreciated yet, but this investment gives our Bark Artemis a little more power. Above all, the new engine is significantly fuel-efficient and therefore better for the environment. Of course, we prefer to set sail as much as possible: it couldn't be more environmentally friendly!


Our new booking system is gradually bearing fruit. Most bookings are now entered through our website. Of course we still like to talk to our customers. So if you would like assistance with the booking, just give us a call!

A number of customers have noticed that we use a different bank number than before. Since it is no longer a problem due to European guidelines to transfer money abroad, we are now also using our Dutch bank number for our customers in Germany. The account number is: NL27ABNA0620402083 on name of Tallship Artemis B.V.


In 2020, the ships of Tallship Company will attend no less than 8 maritime events. Maybe an opportunity for you to get back on board one of our ships. Or experience a milemakere trip to an event. You can find us in Hamburg, Oostende, Kiel, Brest, Rostock, Amsterdam, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. For an overview of all events please click here.


Unfortunately, a printing error has crept into our brochure for 2020. The dates and prices for the milemaker trip to the Mediterranean with Atlantis are not given correctly. The correct periods and prices have to be:

- 24.08. until 06.09 Bremerhaven to Cascais (POR) for € 980
- 06.9. until 17.09. Cascais (POR) to Porto Santo Stefano (ITA) for € 980
- Combined ticket for both trips: € 1890

You can find more information about this very popular trip on our website: please click here.

Read our newsletter also on our website:

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