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Is your trip canceled? Money back guaranteed!

If your booking with Tallship Company has to be canceled due to corona, you are guaranteed to get your money back. In these uncertain times that is something you can count on! So don't hesitate to book a sailing trip with Tallship Company.

This season 2021 will also be different from the sailing seasons as we knew them from before corona. Although more and more light can be seen at the end of the tunnel, corona still determines much of our daily life. This also applies to our holidays.

We had to postpone the first voyages of the Artemis to a later date. We are pleased that so many guests have responded positively to this new date. Guests who are unable to attend the new date have received their money back.

Most events in 2021 have also been canceled, such as the Hamburger Hafengeburtstage, Oostende voor Anker and the Kieler Woche. That means that our sailing schedule has also changed. In practice, this has currently led to a number of new trips and travel dates. Below an overview of these new trips. You will always find the current state of our travel program on our website.

Atlantis Baltic Cruise  Bornholm Kiel - Stralsund 31.05 - 06.06 €820
Atlantis Sail & Bike Greifswalder Bodden 1 Stralsund - Stralsund 06.06 - 13.06 €1.190
Atlantis Sail & Bike Greifswalder Bodden 2 Stralsund - Stralsund 13.06 - 20.06 €1.190
Atlantis Around Sealand Stralsund - Kiel 20.06 - 27.06 €950
Artemis Prelude to a sailing adventure Kiel - Bremerhaven 17.05. - 19.05. €180
Artemis Around Skagen Bremerhaven - Kiel 19.05 - 30.05 €1.350
Artemis Long weekend in the Baltic Kiel - Kiel 10.06. - 13.06 €570
Artemis Traineetrip Harlingen - Ullapool 10.07 - 17.07 €550

It is currently unclear how long the lockdown in this form will be continued. It is expected that from the beginning of May more will be possible, also in the field of tourism. Tallship Company will inform you about the travel options at least two weeks before departure.

Last year we were able to sail beautiful sailing trips with the Artemis, Atlantis and Elizabeth. An elaborated and approved corona protocol ensured that everyone on board felt safe and could enjoy a well-deserved vacation. With this "corona experience" we think we can offer our guests an unforgettable experience this year.

Despite everything, we look forward to a great season with freedom and space to enjoy the good things in life!

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