Sail into
an Ocean
of Adventure

5. March 2021

The new deck house on the Antigua gets shape! The installation work is almost finished. At the moment there is a lot of hammering inside! 

It takes some imagination, but sitting on the couch in the new saloon, I can see already the snow covered mountains from Norway getting by....

8. February 2021
The deck house is transported by the classic Scania Torpedo truck from the Bruinsma brothers to Franeker. There it is placed on the Antigua. Some adjustments will be needed here and there, but on this exciting moment the euphoria predominates!

Januar 2021
On the SRF shipyard in Harlingen an Aluminium construction kit is transformed into a Deck house for the Antigua.

November 2020
Technical drawing office Gaastmeer makes a construction drawing. Shipping Inspection and Classification Society are notified. The plan is approved and construction can begin!

Ende Oktober 2020
During Friday Night Drinks, some employees of the Tallship Company dream of the moment when the Antigua will set sail again in arctic waters. Wonderful panoramas are described and great stories come by and suddenly an idea arises: A deck saloon with great view on the Antigua would be a great addition to the Tallship Company's expedition ship!



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