Sail into
an Ocean
of Adventure

Tallship Company

A passion for sailing ships and the adventure called sea! That is what it is all about at the Tallship Company from Franeker. Almost 30 years already, we are working to create a fleet that no one can match in terms of character and authenticity. And that, without compromising on luxury and comfort on board.

Jan and Jelle Bruinsma started The Tallship Companies adventure started in Dutch waters in 1991 with the clipper Elizabeth. The historical freighter was restored with a great deal of love and attention to detail to the triple masted sailing ship she is today. It was the beginning of a beautiful and spirited shipping company.

We make a difference

Our fleet consists of 4 ships: the barque Artemis, the barquentines Atlantis and Antigua and the clipper Elizabeth. Each ship has a unique history as a freighter, whaler or lightship. A history that lives on through the loving details of the ship.

Today, Tallship Companies ultimate goal to give you an unforgettable and Authentic sailing experience on a sailing ship with all the modern conveniences you are accustomed to at home. Rich traditions and contemporary comfort is what we offer you during your stay aboard. You are welcome!

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